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30 Clever Ways to Hang Your Plants

If you’re looking for ideas to grow plants in hanging baskets, then try these Clever Ways to Hang Your Plants!

There are many Clever Ways to Hang Your Plants to make them look better and also use the limited space in the best way possible. Let’s have a look!

Clever Ways to Hang Your Plants

1. Spider Plant on Wall

Clever Ways to Hang Your Plants

Bolt a conical planter on the wall and grow spider plant in it.

2. Hang Colorful Pots with Ropes

These mini colorful pots can be hanged anywhere and look super cute with plants.

3. Stainless Steel Hanging Planters

Clever Ways to Hang Your Plants 2

The magnificent sheen of these stainless steel planters can make any plant look beautiful!

4. Scandinavian Design Hanging Planters

These patterned Scandinavian design hanging planters are great for trailing plants.

5. Self Design Ceramic Planters

Clever Ways to Hang Your Plants 3

White planters with a black design look quite classy and go well with all types of decor.

6. Macrame Plant Pots

How about growing multiple spider plants in hanging macrame pots for a cool look.

7. Hang Pots on a Wooden Log

Clever Ways to Hang Your Plants 4

Use a wooden or an artificial log to hang pots by the window for that natural look.

8. Hanging Pot using a Twig

This simple yet attractive approach goes best with minimalist decor.

9. A Hanging Large Bowl

Clever Ways to Hang Your Plants 5

A large hanging bowl is great for growing big trailing plants.

10. Small Hanging Pot in a Wire Frame

Hang a small black pot in the wireframe and display it on a table with a message.

11. Handmade Macrame Planter Hanger

Clever Ways to Hang Your Plants 6

This handmade macrame plant hanger is a creative way to display the plant of your choice!

12. Yellow Pansies

Yellow pansies in hanging baskets will add a lot of charm to any space.

13. Multiple Hanging Baskets with a Single Rope

Clever Ways to Hang Your Plants 7

Tie two or three baskets together and hang them on the ceiling to achieve this look.

14. Macrame Planters for Pothos and Fern

The trailing leaves of pothos and serrated foliage of fern will look great in Macrame planters.

15. Wall Corner Hanging Planters

Clever Ways to Hang Your Plants 8

Little planters on the corner of the wall is a great way to display trailing houseplants.

16. DIY Wood Hanging Baskets

Clever Ways to Hang Your Plants 9

These DIY wood hanging baskets are easy to make and look great with any decor style.

17. Hanging Rack for Kitchen

A hanging rack in the kitchen takes up less space and is also a good way to grow herbs and other plants.

18. Bohemian Macrame Hanging Planter

Clever Ways to Hang Your Plants 10

The white-colored bohemian macrame hanging planter looks classy with dark green foliage plants.

19. Hanging Metal Rack for Plants

Grow flowers and other plants on this hanging metal rack for plants that you can hang on the windows.

20. Hanging Glass Bowls

Clever Ways to Hang Your Plants 11

Display succulents with rocks and pebbles inside these hanging glass bowls.

21. Hanging Glass Terrarium

Multiple hanging glass terrarium near a window will add a charming look to the room.

22. Hanging Plants on Metal Rod

Clever Ways to Hang Your Plants 12

A single metal rod will give you enough space to hang multiple pots together for different plants.

23. Glass Planters with Chains

Glass planters of unique shapes and sizes can be hanged using metal chains to grow succulents.

24. DIY Hanging Garden

Clever Ways to Hang Your Plants 13

Hang glass bowls and bulbs to display air and other plants in style!

25. Cool Macrame Plant Hangers

Hang ceramic and wooden bowls in cool macrame plant hangers for an elegant display of plants.

26. Hanging Metal Bowls

You can use utensils from your kitchen for this too. Simply hang them using ropes to grow plants.

27. Recycled Old Bag Planter

Have an un-used bag? Hang it on the wall to grow plants!

28. Hanging Baskets

Rustic looking jute boxes also make for a great looking hanging panters.

29. Galvanized Hanging Planter

Put the old galvanized boxes to good use by hanging them using chains to grow trailing and flowering plants.

30. Coconut Shell Planters

Cheap, easy, and good looking. Coconut shell planters are a great way to showcase flowering plants.

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