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How to Make A Delicious Soup Garden in Containers

Learn How to Make a Delicious Soup Garden in Containers in a small space to prepare nutritious and heartwarming soup from tasty, homegrown ingredients!

How to Make A Delicious Soup Garden in Containers

If you love nutritious and heartwarming soups, why not next time prepare them from homegrown vegetables picked from your very own Container Soup Garden? This rewarding activity needs just a pinch of your time, small space to keep containers, and some tending.

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How to Make Soup Garden in Containers

Before you move ahead, here are two of the most important aspects that you have to keep in mind.


Soup Vegetables require five to six hours of sunlight daily to produce well. If you’ve got a balcony, patio, terrace, or even a sunny windowsill in your home–you can grow these.

Container size

It depends on the type of vegetable you’re planting. For herbs, small pots are fine! Vegetables like Tomatoes, zucchini, okra, and beans will need large pots. You can also use hanging baskets and window boxes in your balcony to start a soup garden.

Best Vegetables for Soup Garden

While you can add any vegetable of your choice in the soup, we’re listing the most essential and easiest to grow:

1. Tomatoes

Grow any type of tomato in your limited space soup garden and they’ll all test best, but it’d be best if you opt for plum tomatoes like Roma. You can grow them in hanging baskets as well!

2. Potatoes

How to Make A Delicious Soup Garden in Containers 2

Yukon Gold or Russets are ideal choices if you are looking for potato starch to thicken your soup. If you like soups with firm potato cubes, then plant waxy, low-starch potatoes like Red Norland or Kennebec.

3. Onions & Green Onions

Sweet onion varieties like Vidalia or Walla Walla don’t go well in soups, so grow traditional yellow varieties. Growing green onions in your soup garden is a must for added garnishing and flavor. You can also use it for other recipes.

4. Carrot

How to Make A Delicious Soup Garden in Containers 3

Enjoy super healthy carrot soup with sweet-spicy flavors of basil and black pepper! If you have a shortage of space, you can grow carrots on the balcony or in window boxes!

 5. Garlic

Root crops like garlic, sweet potato, turnip, and rutabaga can be an excellent addition to your soup garden. Don’t forget to grow garlic greens in your soup garden as they are appetizing and tastes great!

6. Beans

How to Make A Delicious Soup Garden in Containers 4

Prepare a delicious bean soup by adding onions, garlic, carrot, celery, and beans that are rich in fiber, vitamins, protein, and mineral.

7. Okra

Okra pods become more gelatinous while cooking. You can use okras to thicken soups with their mucilaginous texture. Combine tomato, corn, and red lentils to okra soup and make it more delicious!

8. Zucchini

How to Make A Delicious Soup Garden in Containers 5

Include zucchini in your soup garden and prepare heart-warming zucchini soup with burnt garlic or yellow zucchini soup with carrots!

9. Celery

Celery is an important plant in your soup garden that cannot be missed! Just add garlic, ginger, onion, water, butter with chopped celery leaves and stalk to enjoy a tasty soup!

Growing Tips

Grow celery from summer to late fall. Give it plenty of water, rich soil, and 5-7 hours of daily sunlight.

10. Broccoli

How to Make A Delicious Soup Garden in Containers 6

Aspabroc and Big Boy varieties are perfect for your soup garden. Broccoli is rich in protein, calcium, zinc, and vitamin K. Combine broccoli florets, celery, chopped onion with chicken broth for a nutritious and mouthwatering treat!

11. Herbs

Fresh herbs are essential ingredients because their addition can add flavor to any type of soup. In lack of enough space, you can grow herbs in hanging baskets or create a herb tower. Grow basil, dill, rosemary, papalo, parsley, thyme, and cilantro for your soups. To learn more, check out this article here.

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