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How To Make A Fall Balcony Garden

Make your small space garden ready for autumn with these Fall Balcony Garden Ideas!

After the end of summer, you should refresh and spruce up your balcony garden for autumn to keep enjoying your only outdoor spot of the urban home all season, until the winter arrives. For this, you can plant container fall flowers, create eye catchy autumn container combinations, add famous fall decorating staples. Or, if you love organic-homegrown vegetables and herbs, continue growing them.

Whatever you would like to do from this list, this article will guide you to make an attractive Fall Balcony Garden!

1. Grow Fall Flowers

Make your small space garden ready for autumn with these Fall Balcony Garden Ideas!

Some of the popular fall flowers you can grow in your balcony are celosia, chrysanthemum, heather, pansy, dianthus, cosmos, alyssum, and asters.

2. Create Interesting Plant Combinations

Vertical Fall Balcony Garden

Make interesting container combinations of fall plants. You can even grow them vertically just like this autumn pallet garden DIY here.

3. Don’t Miss Foliage Plants

Grow bold foliage plants that sing–Autumn! After all, this is a season of shades of red, brown, and orange plant leaves. This recipe has New Zealand Flax, Red Coleus, Purple Trailing Petunias, and Orange Impatiens.

Some of the best foliage plants for autumn are Heuchera, croton, ornamental grass, New Zealand flax, begonia, dusty miller, oakleaf hydrangea, coleus, etc. You can grow herbs with them as well!

4. Plant Fall Vegetables

Plant fall vegetables in late summer and early fall for late fall and early winter harvest. You can grow greens like lettuce, spinach, kale, and rocket. You can also plant other vegetables like carrots, radishes, turnips, and even tomatoes. For fall tomatoes, pick cool-season and early maturing varieties. Also, check out our container fall vegetable list here!

5. Opt for Fall Colors

Fall Balcony GardenFall Colors

The colors of fall are from the warm shades–Red, brown, orange, yellow, bronze, tan, and copper. Try to bring them to your fall balcony garden by means of plants, furniture, accessories, and fabric.

6. Use Fall Decorating Staples

To amplify your autumn decorating mission, use fall decorating staples like a pumpkin, cozy candles, rustic furniture, pinecones. Check out this fall balcony makeover for inspiration.

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